The Word That Works “Ministry Talks” and “Presentations of Special Interest”.


Audio Talks

Power to Change Lives – Pastor Mark Hall (29 March 2009)

Corn on Cob – Pastor John Joske

Our Birthright and our Inheritance – Pastor John Joske

Walking to Emmaus –  Pastor John Joske

The UnderDog – Pastor Mark Hall

Being Free From Regret – Pastor Peter Moore

Fundamentals – Pastor Terry Coles



Family and Children Part 1 – Pastor Mark (10 October 2010)

Family and Children Part 2 – Pastor Mark (10 October 2010)

Humility – Pastor Terry Coles



Change the Way You Think

Essentials of Prayer – Pastor Terry Coles

I Choose to Be Thankful – Pastor Scott Slingo (24 October 2010)

Gods Great Plan – Pastor Terry Coles

The Leading of the Spirit – Pastor Peter Moore

Pleasing God – Pastor John Joske

Winning the Battle – Pastor Terry Coles

Commitment Brings Results – Pastor Terry Coles

Don’t Blame God – Pastor Terry Coles


Prophecy – History

Them Dry Bones – Pastor Darryl Williams

Sodom and Gomorrah – Pastor John Joske

6 Degrees of Separation – Pastor John Joske

Social Media – Pastor Rob Denton

End Time Signs – Pastor Terry Coles


Videos Talks

DNA Secrets – (313MB large file)

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